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Membership Renewal

Thank you for renewing your membership! We're so glad to have you!

The membership year renews April 1. Required membership dues for 2024/2025 are $643. For those who would like to use our athletic facilities (pool, gym, locker room, racquetball), an additional annual athletic fee of $1349 for a family or $949 for an individual applies.

Athletic Plans

Athletic Plans include all the benefits of the social membership, PLUS athletic access (pool, gym, locker rooms, hot tub, racquetball courts).

Most Popular

Family Athletic - Annual Membership Fee



+$643 Membership Dues

This grants you (and your spouse and children under 21) usage of the lodge and athletic facilities.

Valid for one year

Single Athletic - Annual Membership Fee



+$643 Membership Dues

This grants you (but not your spouse or children) usage of the lodge, including athletic facilities.

Valid for one year

Social (Non-Athletic) Plans

Social memberships include access to events, plus the bar/bistro and billiards. It does not include pool access (including the pool chairs), locker room access, gym, or racquetball courts.


You may pay your social membership either annually or in two installments, one by April 1 and the other by October 1. Please note that you will not be automatically charged; you will need to return to this page to pay the second installment. Please mark a date in September to pay the second installment.

Most Popular

Social - Annual Membership Dues



This grants you access to the bar/restaurant, and social events, but not the athletic facilities.

1st Installment

Six Month Dues - 1st Payment No Athletic



Your first installment for membership dues. The second will be due in six months.

Annual Lifetime Membership Dues



Qualified lifetime members ONLY

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