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Volunteering & Service

Service to our community and country is at the core of the Elks Lodge.

Learn more about what we do.

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The goal of the Americanism Committee of the California-Hawaii Elks is to increase patriotism in our Lodges, homes, schools, communities and nation.

The DRUG AWARENESS Committee shall actively participate in promoting the Grand Lodge program of educating the nations youth on the dangers of illicit drug use.

The ELKS HOOP SHOOT Free Throw Contest Committee shall serve to highlight the Elks Commitment to the nations youth, encourage family participation and help develop the character of our youth to better qualify them to become good citizens and the leaders of tomorrow.

The Purple Pig is the fundraising arm of the California-Hawaii Elks Association Major Project, Inc. (CHEMPI).

The California-Hawaii Elks have raised over $116.2 MILLION since 1950 to address the unmet needs of children with disabilities by developing a program of supporting services to aid these children at no cost to their families.
Watch this heart-felt video about the Purple Pig program from its inception in 1950–and see how inspiring and powerful the program is working in action.

The SCHOLARSHIP Committee shall coordinate the program within the states of California and Hawaii, to conduct scholarship contests, and to award scholarships to worthy students.

The SCOUTING Committee shall work with national, state, and local officials, and with this Association, to promote the work of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America.

The YOUTH/SOCCER ACTIVITIES Committee shall formulate ways and means by which the State Association, its Lodges and members, can most effectively assist boys and girls in the United States of America to become patriotic, capable, and law-abiding citizens, and to supervise and carry out programs in furtherance of said objective.

Activities Committee

Extra help is always needed in organizing and running lodge activities. As an activities member you will be contacted by the committee chairman when help is needed. This is a fun way to offer a helping hand, meet members and help our lodge support its charity work. 

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