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Lodge Officers & Trustees

Lodge Officers 2023/2024

Tony Silvia

Exalted Ruler

Amy Love

Leading Knight

Karen Fitzpatrick

Loyal Knight

Sharon Glass

Lecturing Knight

Lyla Phelps


Grant Lindholm


Maria Cardich


Paul Eisenman PER


Bonnie Waters


Phil Tomac

Inner Guard

Board of Trustees

Charles Cullen

1-Year Trustee

John Harrington

2-Year Trustee

Dave Matson

3-Year Trustee

April Heron

4-Year Trustee

Varun Gopalakrishna

5-Year Trustee

House Committee

Steve Becker

House Committee

Andrew Catan

House Committee Chairman

Amy Love

House Committee

Gayle McDowell

House Committee

Tony Silvia PER

House Committee

Vivek Sundaram

House Committee

Krista Kobeski

House Committee

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